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Letz mint some ‘ka-ching’

25 now 25 then la la la la la ….

25 now 25 then 25 afterwards…la la la la la….

25 now………. la la la la la

25 then……….la la la la la

That’s not a great song. (me not a lyricist ;))

But that’s one heck of a statement to make us money 😉 Buy financials…..any of them…anything that was whacked down on the fear of credit crunch and recession. CFC, TGIC, MGI, PMI,AXP, GS, MA, ETFC, GOOG, FSLR, YGE, CHL, NRG……….. …aaaahhhh there are one heck of a lot!. Today would be one other big trade day on the upside.


Good Luck trading,

Your Adarsh.


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It’s Payback TIME – NZ enters profit zone!

The pay back time starts at Netezza.

It was a blast quarter.

New customers, increasing revenues, turns profitable corporation!

Third-quarter adjusted net income rose to $2.9 million, or 4 cents a share, from a loss of $1.2 million, or 8 cents a share, from the same period last year.

Third-quarter revenue increased 44% to $33.4 million from $23.2 million in the comparable quarter last year.

The quarter’s earnings surpassed the mean estimate of analysts polled by Thomson Financial for breakeven per share figures and sales of $29 million in the period ended Oct. 31.

The company expects fiscal 2008 revenue of $120 million and $160 million in fiscal 2009 while Analysts’ consensus view is for fiscal 2008 earnings of $115 million and fiscal 2009 earnings of $150 million.

Wall Street is all about growth.

Higher teens here we come 😉

And by the way, we sold 1/3 rd of our position yesterday….we wil be selling another 1/3 position today at market close. Though we’ll buy back this 2/3 of our position probably in a couple of days.

Congratulations and Good Luck Swinging,

Your Adarsh.

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NRG – An energetic buy on this dip.

This pick is to my colleague and friend David! YOU ASK – YOU GET! 😉

Sorry for not being able to posting more ideas. Got stuck up with some personal knowledge build up and More importantly wasn’t going LONG on any stock these last days. Did not want to post the short trades after that experience a few months back on shorting.

Have been trading TGIC, GOOG, NZ, MPEL, RIO, FSLR, FFHL, and AAPL on the BUY side


CML, CISG, CFC, ETFC, NMX, MER, HLYS , NPSP to the short side.

On a buy side trade I do this :

Buy the stock when it is down on the day and then sell it around the market close.

Trading on the Short side :

Shorting the stock on strength on market open or a few minutes into trading and then covering it before the close of bell.

Best trades have been with going with buying trades with TGIC, and GOOG and FFHL.

With going short best trades have been CML, CFC and NMX.

OK I know, knowing this whole thing ain’t gonna make you a single BUCK. I didn’t post any of these on the blog coz these trades have to be done precisely and with utmost care and I don’t want you to find yourself on the wrong side of the trade. A BUY trade can turn into a SELL trade in a few minutes and I don’t want the readers to get confused or caught up on the wrong side of the trade!

So what do we have now:

I know this market has not got enough to stabilize even here. I’m sure we are going down some more. But you can bet on NRG. Though, probably going long on NRG after moves above the 200 day Moving average would be wise.

I’m going long NRG tomorrow. But want you people to buy it when it closes above $40.25

Great company , great sector, most importantly recession ain’t going to put a stop on this thing! beaten down too much…good time to get aboard. This one will be a BULL’s EYE HIT.

Good Luck,

Your Adarsh.

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A trade on CEO -Thain

If you are doing a long term thingy Then Buy Mer tomorrow if you can get hld of it below that 57 or 58 mark.

If you have not yet bought or sold Mer…then this is the right time to sell.

Buy it back tomorrow or the day after or after the Options expiration.

This is a very short trade and not for long term investment

Sell NYX, NMX on this news that Thain is leaving.

But we know that NYX is the best and we hold our long term shares intact !

Your Adarsh

Good Luck.

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Shorting technology!!!! Whos been in that wid us???

Buying and selling, Shorting and buying !!!!

Shorting and buying, Selling and buying!!!

Doing this wid various stocks has proven very advantageous for the last couple of weeks!

CML, CISG and HLYS made us wealthy 😉 Gracias

CML Last trades:

11/09/07<!– YOU SOLD
CISG Trades -2000.00 $18.98 $37,970 $10.00 Margin
11/09/07<!– YOU BOUGHT
CISG Trades 2000.00 $17.02 -$34,050.00 $10.00 Margin

Profit : around 3900 or 11%

HLYS Last Trades:

11/08/07<!– YOU sold short HEELYS INC COM HLYS Trades 3000.00 $6.74 -$20,230.00 $10.00 Margin
11/09/07<!– YOU BOUGHT
HLYS Trades 3000.000 $6.20 -$18,600.00 $10.00 Margin

Profit : around $1600 or 10%

We missed the latest run on FSLR. We sold it on the 1 Billion dollar news 😦 Should have hold it :((

But missing is not a SIN...Losing is a SIN

We love that dip on NZ….But before getting on full pledged I just wanna take a deeper closer look at that late day dumping after3:50 on Friday !!!!!! What da hell was tht for !!!

Just adviced somebody to buy at 10.50 and then changed it unnecessarily to 10.8 at the end of the day and then the dump…Goddamn…Though we know the buyer just bought a few but we know it is nearly 3% !!!!

Sorry to da buyer…but don’t worry you know 😉 it’ll be back to 14-15 levels again 😉 DONT YOU?

We are buying more NZ for a trade if it holds that 10.5 mark, Monday morning sell spree.

Good Luck Swinging!!!

Your Adarsh.

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What I’m trading…and what I want you to trade?

Sold off whole position in CISG after hours yesterday.

CISG: Buy Price: $21.15 Sell Price: 23.60

Bought CML yesterday 11/5/2007.

Have to sell.

Covered short position on MPEL: It is ready to go up. Looking for some weakness to go LONG on MPEL.

MPEL Shorted at: $15.8 Covered at $13.8

Bought FSLR yesterday for a trade.

Sold 75% position just now at $166

Bought NZ at $12.5 and want you to BUY it tooooo

Will sell at $14.5

Buying HLYS for a very short trade anywhere below $7

Good Luck swinging

Your Adarsh

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