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Letz mint some ‘ka-ching’

MPEL – The train is back in the station, Don’t sell Netsuite (N) yet.

It’s time again to get back on the train. We already hold some long shares. Planning on getting a bunch tomorrow….. around $11.50.

We love CHINA, We love YEAR END,  We love the new DEALS, We love Macau, We love Gambling, We love OVER SELLING, and most of all we LOVE THAT CHART.

We bought some N (Netsuite) on its first day of trading around $26. Didn’t sell any of them…must have sold half…but we see us going back soon. We are buying a few for a quick trade if at all we drop below the 33 mark with a very tight stop.

Good Luck,

Your Adarsh.


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Get RIO…Below $31

We are a little late…We are a few hours late…. Get some RIO below $31.

RIO…We don’t need to say anythign about Brazil and Tangible assets and Materials do we have to??

How much are we down from the highs…31.5/38.5 = 0.81…..

That means the stock is down around 20% from its highs…One of the best time to get in…..

Lets make this an opportunity to buy 😉

I donno what you think of this chart …but I love it!!!! mmmuuuaaaah 😛 

For the last trades…

We covered most of our positions today. Bought some PMI as soon as we covered in the afternoon.  Covered CML and CISG too. Bought some CISG stock early in the morning…should have done that a little later. We lost some money on the last trade on dollar…though overall it was very profitable 😉

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Short the market

We just sold off all our trading positions…The 25 basis points in the discount window doesn’t help either…we are going down…
Down to 13200 and Much lower from there….

Good Luck shorting.
We are now short.. TGIC, PMI, CML, CHL, Dollar.
Go more short financials…….The market is going much much lower.
Your Adarsh.

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Financials – Fed cut

Get positions in one of our positions we love to trade whenever therez a rate cut.

CFC   Below 11.8

ETFC  Below 4.1

PMI  Below 14

MTG Below 26











Isn’t that a long list?


You like it or not Buy

What do you hold for Rate cuttin Tuesday? Take your positions today! We are trading on a 50 point cut. If it’s 50….we hold through Wednesday..If it’s a 25% we sell them off!

Good Luck trading.

Your Adarsh.

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Making money is soooooooo easy !! We LOVE it !!! We LOVE energy :P

Our latest buy NRG… up 10% from the reco on 26th Nov! and it’s going higher 😉 We are loving this energy bull market.  Don’t worry about the credit crunch…energy and technology are there for us 😉

Hold on with the other half of your NZ…..Take just a little bit off NRG…..

Buy LKQX, if it drops below $19 – $19.5 some time soon……Good Luck

Your Adarsh.

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