Your Adarsh™

Letz mint some ‘ka-ching’

Shorting technology!!!! Whos been in that wid us???

Buying and selling, Shorting and buying !!!!

Shorting and buying, Selling and buying!!!

Doing this wid various stocks has proven very advantageous for the last couple of weeks!

CML, CISG and HLYS made us wealthy 😉 Gracias

CML Last trades:

11/09/07<!– YOU SOLD
CISG Trades -2000.00 $18.98 $37,970 $10.00 Margin
11/09/07<!– YOU BOUGHT
CISG Trades 2000.00 $17.02 -$34,050.00 $10.00 Margin

Profit : around 3900 or 11%

HLYS Last Trades:

11/08/07<!– YOU sold short HEELYS INC COM HLYS Trades 3000.00 $6.74 -$20,230.00 $10.00 Margin
11/09/07<!– YOU BOUGHT
HLYS Trades 3000.000 $6.20 -$18,600.00 $10.00 Margin

Profit : around $1600 or 10%

We missed the latest run on FSLR. We sold it on the 1 Billion dollar news 😦 Should have hold it :((

But missing is not a SIN...Losing is a SIN

We love that dip on NZ….But before getting on full pledged I just wanna take a deeper closer look at that late day dumping after3:50 on Friday !!!!!! What da hell was tht for !!!

Just adviced somebody to buy at 10.50 and then changed it unnecessarily to 10.8 at the end of the day and then the dump…Goddamn…Though we know the buyer just bought a few but we know it is nearly 3% !!!!

Sorry to da buyer…but don’t worry you know 😉 it’ll be back to 14-15 levels again 😉 DONT YOU?

We are buying more NZ for a trade if it holds that 10.5 mark, Monday morning sell spree.

Good Luck Swinging!!!

Your Adarsh.


November 10, 2007 - Posted by | Blogroll


  1. hey adarsh! i could not buy at the end of friday because my orders didn’t go through fast enough. So don’t worry about it. What I’m wondering is.. nz seems to be going lower and lower, when would be a typical buy point? I’ve decided to use a stop loss, is 5% a sufficient one?

    Comment by Justin | November 13, 2007 | Reply

  2. 5% might be too small …coz if you see the way NZ trades….it is a very volatile thing….It jumps up and down …….with more than 5% spreads…..I would say increase that spread a bit more……probably a 10% would be safe and might not take you out…….

    Though7% or 8% is usual stop loss…I would say 10% should do well for NZ.

    Comment by youradu | November 13, 2007 | Reply

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