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Letz mint some ‘ka-ching’

Dartboard – Stocks – Fed rate cut – 14000 here we come again!

Things to do on Wednesday:

(1) Take an arrow.

(2) Stand 3 foot away from the computer screen

(3) Put the stock screener ON.

(4) Throw the arrow onto the screen.

(5) Note which stock it hitz

(6) Buy that stock.

Buy anything for a little profit trade today.

If you wanna gain more than just a little profit. Stick with us. Buy Financials, materials, ADR’s and Sell Dollar

 Our favs for today: GS, UBB, RIO, BAC, C, BSC, PBR, TGIC, TMA, MPEL, RIMM, GOOG, AAPL, MA, NPSP, NZ, SPR,and many more.

Watch out for tomorrows IPO – GA

P.S : Click on the image to go and select criterion for the screener.  =))


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NZ frenzy starts

We recommended NZ- Netezza Corporation at $12.5. Our stop was at $11.47. Those were a few nervous moments this morning when it looked like it would take out our stop….but Holy Lord we just moved our stop a touch lower and it never came near that…

We said NZ trades in a channel and asked you to get LONG anywhere below 12.5. Congrats to all those who acted to our yet another money making suggestion….This one is going to $15…though our sell order 50% of position awaits at 14.75 and the other half – yet to be decided. We just hit a temporary bottom here. Watch out may be for another day in red but after that the train should go straight up to the next station at $15.

If you want to stick to our basic 10% profit taking principle then sell 40% at 10% and let the remaining run higher.

This thing trades on a bit low volume so take care while you put your stops….give it some width to trade without taking out your stop.

 Good Luck Congrats,

Your Adarsh

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NEXT trade in touching distance

NZ (Nettezza) has been a trader’s dream.  With a wonderful growth and product it has enticed many investors tooo.

But now it is time for us to put that other trade again.

As we all know we bought and sold NZ twice till now for a good profit, this will be the third attempt.

NZ has been trading between 15.5 and 12.5 and created kindaa a channel.

Today buy the stock below 12.75 and sell it in a few days again like we’ve been doing at around $15.25

That is around 20% profit.

Good Luck with the trade,

Your Adarsh.

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Its been some hectic days at work and some good volumes of trades in my account. Sorrry for not finding time to give out some of them last week.

Best and first one to go with is – CML The one I posted just before I was about to do. See the posts on CML in google finance.

This has been a wild stock to invest and sit. I know there were lot of cry’s and boos from new investors or traders trying their luck with IPO’s. Yet another example of why you should not buy a stock which is very new and whose sector is HOT.

So, I thought I should find you something here to minimise your losses.

Here is the trick to follow to minimise the losses you acrued.

If you bought it 100% of the position first day, we can’t really help you. may be you should change the structure of your portfolio to make space for more CML. You have to COMPELL and explain yourself why you are doing that, I can’t do it 🙂

Buy exactly the same amount again on a big dip. May be around 16.5 to 17 or lower.

Probably $17 should be a good support. That’s what I got when I talked to a broker, an investment manager and my small experience. Even the company just said the banks which were the underwriters bought the maximum allowed number of shares….that means more than just SOMETHING.

What we did today?

We said sell today on a run to 19. That’s what we did. We sold our position that was started at 17 and change and sold it at 19.

 What we are going to do?

We have another order placed at around $17 and small change. We  are no tyet ready to move the order up. But if we smell something we are ready to pay upto $17.5 but not more than that.

What we will do then?

We’ll probably repeat what we did today again tomorrow or may be the day after. Sell the whole position we bought at $17 level. That turns us a profit of more than 10% every time we do this.

This should minimize your loss if you did that mistake of buying it at $23 ranges or more.

Don’t worry about “What if it keeps going up?” Remember you still have your initial shares.

Good luck swinging,

Your Adarsh.

Don’t Buy HIGH and sell LOW. Buy LOW and Sell HIGH.

You don’t make loss/profit untill you SELL. So don’t CRY/CELEBRATE until you SELL.

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Melco PBL Entertainment(Macau) Limited

The stock has come back very well over the last few weeks. It is quite an interesting chart when you compare it with its peers over their initial years. Ho and company’s failure initially right after coming public caused people to go skeptc about their capabilities and many started to more over to the peers with much a better performance reports 😀


                                Many boooed the management (including me), many wrote against the company, very few talked ‘with’ the company (me here tooo), backed it, and then had to fight and face booos themselves on a lot of forums.  Most people said HO and co have dumped them and made money and the company now was a dog. Some said it was exhibiting similar charecteristics like any other casino or any other good company has done. They even argued it was time to average down seriously. There were days on the forums when people literally cried, shouted, called Macau and talked to investor relations. They were afraid if the company was losing out on the construction going on …..those  costs and time overruns created a sense of insecurity among many. And the US credit crunch neither did any help. But,   

                                  The recent results stated that the parent company has turned out o making profits which put MPEL back in the spotlight. The latest numbers from the month of Sepetember 2007 drew both positive and negative comments. Some think that the growth has slowed and some think that October actually starts attracting people into casinos. And can anybody even try to drill negativity into people about OLYMPICS next year?!!!The stock went down huge in the first 6-7 months expelling most smaller individual investors.

                                  Even some big wigs on Wall Street, like Jim Cramer,  changed their stance to a ‘NO’ after their initial Booyaaaas. Though, the stock still is under performing on valutation, taking future projects into consideration, the companies results with porifts would attract more institutional investors. The situation is almost perfect for MPEL to report good numbers and give a good guidance for the coming years. Though, it’s seniors, as I may kid, WYNN and LVS have been completely out performing it on the street, I think its high time for MPEL to catch up. I’m bullish both long term and short term on MPEL now.                                 Though, I should disclose that I just sold half my position in the stock yesterday 02/10/2007 at around 18.25 or so and will be looking for a potential dip to get my shares back. (That’s only my trading portfolio. My long term portfolio remains un touched)

Good Luck,

Your Adarsh,

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Are you grazing on greener and higher pastures with us?

TGIC, MPEL,NPSP, LKQX, and many others…which I’m quite lazy to go track and point out how much they made us. 😉      

Please take something off those…if they had you good ka-ching!

I’m glad for those people who were on meebo and whom we were able to talk about NPSP, MPEL and CYBL.


How much money did those 2 minute chats or offlines make you?

Though we just broke the 14000 and I think we have more upside. It would be prudent to pocket some profits. There’s nothing wrong in missing a run. Isn’t it hoggish if we lose those 20% – 30% profits made in a couple of weeks?

Our best stocks of September…MPEL, TGIC and NPSP. And if you believed in those chats, tell us how much you made in CYBL??

Who loves MPEL, when they bought some around that $14, $12. and at $16 on chats last week?  Please take a good bunch off. That was a very quick profit 😉

Our sell orders for MPEL and TGIC  at $18.25 and $20.5 .

50% off each position.

And another 25% for MPEL and TGIC at $ 22.5 and $ 21.97

Sold off complete CYBL. (too lazy to calculate those profits)

Sold off 50% NPSP at around $6.25 or so . (still believe in that $7 mark we set. but only the left over ride it there)

Still have 50% more left for the next run. Looking to get more here on a bit more downside 😉

NZ is down again. Anybody looking to get around that once more? 😉

Riding LKQX, PVX and 25% MPEL for long term. Won’t be trading’em.

Good Luck,

Your Adarsh.

Note: Good Ka-ching implies aroung 20% – 25% in a very quick time. (TGIC, LKQX, MPEL, NPSP)

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