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Letz mint some ‘ka-ching’


We have been holding SMN and SKF for some time……And we are now shorting the whole market as planned once the market hit the 12700 mark.

We are also making a position here in DUG !!! That should be some interesting move

Short the market and make money .

Good Luck,

Your Adarsh


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Goldman Sachs below 175

We just bought them today at 172.50 for one of our clients. Nice push up towards the close on Ambac news. and XLF call buying…….Smell something??? Financials starting to move a lil. Next resistance level at $190.5. We are selling GS at $190.

Good Luck swinging,

Your Adarsh.

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Sold half WFR today.

Bought at $74 and sold today at $81.5.

Still holding half of them. Will see them at $85

Good Luck Swinging,

Your Adarsh.

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A very Quick trade on long side.

If somebody only wants a long trade. Get on the WFR swing right now.

We have been waiting for WFR To go through that resistance at 79 and change.


Duration 2 days : Today tomorrow and the day after. Close the position on Friday.

Buy WFR at $79.5 with a tight stop loss.

Sell it if it goes below 79 again.

Sell WFR at 86.5.

$7 in two days aint bad. That is  8% in two days.After the DOW hits taht 12750 mark go short or buy some proshares.

We are sticking with SMN and SKF…..rhyming Huh ?? lOL

We will start the positions again on Friday in these two (we assume the market will reach 12750 by Friday and that’s when we are going short the market)

Good Luck Swinging.

Your Adarsh.

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