Your Adarsh™

Letz mint some ‘ka-ching’


Nobody who works on this blog is a licensed broker and we just give out advices….Please DO NOT INVEST without the guidance of your broker. We just try to help people make their hard earned money increase. If your investments go wrong when YOU FOLLOWED our advice…WE ARE NOT LIABLE.

We are a different type of advisors. We don’t advise what all people do, like saying GOOG and AAPL are best or Berkshire is the best. Who doesn’t know that? We dwell on to see which are the lost ones, which are other places to put your money into.

P.S. We don’t earn anything with more visitors or more number of clicks. We don’t have any advertisements. We don’t want a penny, we are eager to make you some money and get a li’l popular. Even the meebo plug in is just a promotional plug-in it doesn’t earn us any thing.

Also visit our other site to learn concepts and facts everyday and gain knowledge.


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