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The bear fest

There is a bear fest going on in the market everywhere you see now a days. There are so many issues lingering over the market’s head right now. Europe, China, USA all being the biggest of the issues.

If it does come to it that Greece defaults, ad china has a hard landing with its growth, where do we end in 3-6 months? We  retest 2008 lows for sure? So, after coming down about 15% in the almost all the world markets, do we take a bearish position or is it all priced in already? Or do you take the stance and say enough is enough, I can’t lose on these values and dividends being offered and buy in?


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So Long So long!

It has been such a long time since I last posted ! Hope everybody stayed alive through the disastrous financial crisis in 2008. It had taught me a lot more than just the roller coaster ride. I had some hiccups in the middle, lost my job and then had to concentrate on improving my work skills and take some time off the market. Got a job after about 3-4 months of losing it, in late 2008. After I worked there for about 6 months moved over to a larger financial firm.  I will try to post more frequently though it might not be as frequent as I used to post way in the olden days. 😀 Good luck all!

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