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*Heelys disappoints investors again :((

That’s it…..There is no way I’m gonna believe Mr. Staffaroni in my life again. He’s everything but an efficient CEO. Moreover, he’s not even truthfull.He kept saying they were growing above expectations and will grow above expectations in the interview.

These are a bunch of Jokers at Heelys. I am really pissed off with Dickaroni. He said everything was going ok and he sees consistant growth in the coming years a week back to me in the interview and now gves a press release saying the company only hopes to groww by 10%-15%. What a moron!!!!

Lucky me was waiting for the stock to break that resistance at 22.5 to get in. It never got there . Lucky me ….Am very sorry for others who got into the stock and could not get out soon. I can’t believe the way this management has let people down.
Will be very eagerly waiting to see what their investor, Mr. Capital Southwest will do now. They wanted to unload 4 million to take profits. Will have to see what they do now. But Sincerely I’m not touching this thing. Best Luck to shorts.

I can’t believe he lied at the interview.

Sorry for not being of any help in this disaster. Am moreover pisssed off at myself for not listening to Crammy on this one and was in fact pumping this stock taking the interview and the growth out of US into consideration.

Regards shorts.


Your Adarsh


August 7, 2007 - Posted by | Blogroll, Losers

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