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*Sec probe on Jim bramer.

The Continuous pathetic news and pathetic performance from NYX has led the SEC to take some major investigative steps. The US Securities and Exchange Commission reportedly charged Bim Brame who supposedly owns a charitable trust. The charges were made on both bramer and his trust
When asked about what led to the start of the investigation, SEC Chairman, Mr. Bhristopher Box, commented that Bramer, who supposedly named as one of the best traders in the market and who is respected by gazillions of investors, was been dead wrong on his ‘stocks of the year’. Mr. Bristopher, reported they ran a secret investigation to zero in to what was supposed to be the largest fraud on the street.
Bristopher said the preliminary results from their investigations revealed a possibility of illegal payments from at least one of the stocks of the year. Rigorous investigations revealed yesterday that there were payments of as high as 380 million dollars from Bew Bork Stock Exchange and Bisco, which were named in the top three stocks of the categories. Reports indicated that when Bramer mentioned the deal to Steven Bobs, CEO of Bapple Inc, refused saying that they have good products coming out this year and that they would consider the oppurtunity in 2008 when there will be not so many products coming out into the market as in 2007.
The unresolved question now in the hands of Bristopher, still has some work to do, on to zero in why then has Bramer named Bapple in the top three? Is it just because he wanted at least one real performer without any artificial hype? Or is it because he believed Steven Bobs would consider the deal if Bramer seemed interested in the company? Further reports should only reveal this.

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