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Letz mint some ‘ka-ching’

*The Only Thing I’ll Recommend BUY KRAFT Stock or Write August Calls

Buy some Kraft, have a limit order at just above $32. Buffett gets in and the stock drops? Is that a correct statement? Today’s drop was not coz of buffett, it was a whole RED day, and they lost that Canada Ruling.

That’s just temporary. Look at the August 35 calls. WOW.

Get some calls on these red days. Get some August 35 calls just around 50 cents

48000 Open-interest in calls won’t go washed offf.

Smoke’em if ya have them.

Good Luck,

Your Adarsh.


July 26, 2007 - Posted by | Blogroll, Future Buys


  1. Adarsh,

    I just checked the latest price on the KFT Aug 35 call and its trading at .65. Would you pull the trigger?

    Comment by Mike | July 27, 2007 | Reply

  2. hold on a little let the market stabilize in the morning and then pull the trigger by late morning. Buy below 60 cents

    Comment by youradu | July 27, 2007 | Reply

  3. Hey Adarsh,

    If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get the chart with call/put interest? Good thing I held out on the options at .65 they dipped another .20 for the day 😦


    Comment by Mike | July 29, 2007 | Reply

  4. it’s schaeffer’s research..yaa it’s good to grab them lower. Don’t ever buy early in the morning right after a down day, even if the futures tend to seem like going up

    Comment by youradu | July 29, 2007 | Reply

  5. Buy them today….looks like they are cheapest today.

    Comment by youradu | July 30, 2007 | Reply

  6. I can’t reply to you guys if you just leave me your messages….I see many ask me questions but I can’t answer you if you don’t leave either your yahoo id or meebo id there….It just says message from guest@meebo bla bla bla. You need to leave your id’s too so that I can send replies to you. Some were asking when I am online. Whenever I’m free. b/w meetings, evening at home etc specific time. Sorrry about not giving specific time. 😦

    Comment by youradu | July 30, 2007 | Reply

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