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*Holy cow AAPL fuc*s ’shorts’ on the street

Holy cow. We win again. Who said you can’t buy APPLE high? Hit them with your profits.
(NASDAQ:APPL) APPLE goes higher even higher.

We hear shorts planning to attack this guy (we don’t know him;)) today evening for running the company that well.

This lady never listened us when we said please buy it don’t short it .
She is on her way home. Hold silence for a minute for her.

We asked many to buy/hold when the stock was above 140 last Firday invited a good amount of criticism. But there you go. We are at 150 now. More than 5% profit. But are you selling here?. Think twice. Here is the recommendation we made on Friday. APPL and BIDU killing ’shorts’. Think twice before you short good ones. That’s the lesson.
Always check and before you make some trades.

We won with GOOGLE , we win with AAPL. We will win many others. Just keep in touch and keep winning.
FYI: By the way we are not buying Google even if it hits that $500 mark. We are waiting for the 484 mark.
Good Luck,
Your Adarsh.


July 25, 2007 - Posted by | Holding

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