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*Critical situation in New York – Apple and BIDU earnings are culprits

New York, NY (YAnews). 7/25/2007: Reports indicate that AAPL had to be halted from trading, after two brokers reportedly were fighting each other shouting sell, buy sell buy and eventually landing punches on each others face on the floor of NASDAQ. The security was quick to take action and separate them both, but by that time both were severly injured. Mr.Mike Puncher, had a bleeding nose and Mr. David Kicker had a bleeding mouth. When one of our bold erporters asked the cause for the fight, David kicked the reporter who is still not showing any signs of recovery from the punch he got.

Trading finally resumed at 4:50 PM EST, and soon AAPL announced results and one broker went wild on the volatility of the stock. The stock ran down to 134 soon after the release of very good numbers from the company. The borker reportedly threw his IPhone saying FU** you Thain. Why coudn’t you sell more iphone. The Iphone flew all the way to the big board and it made a crack on the screen and the screen went blank instantly. This caused the remaining brokers to form into two groups …all fighting each other instead of trading the stock. NY SWAT CATS had to take positions in NYSE and the situation had been brought back into control.

Latest reports indicate the stock trading up again fearing more aggression from the traders. Rumours say that Thain and all other board members were buying loads and loads of stock while taking the conference call.

Stay tuned to YAnews for more updates


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