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Letz mint some ‘ka-ching’

*Buy techs…That are breaking out with strong fundas


Technology is the new name. But we buy only fundamentally and technically stonger ones. We buy CSCO. If you don’t like that, go with INTC (Intel) A buy even after today’s jump.

Our reco here is CSCO. We have been waiting to pounce on this baby since the last month. We were waiting on it to break that trading band. The whole year CSCO has been caught up in the range of $24-$29. And today, holy cow, it has broken that officially by closing above that dreaded $28.99. We buy a bunch here, yya right here…tomorrow late morning. Then wait for a pull back, just a little, very little pull back before piling up huge.

We have broken the trading band. We were trading between 24 and 29 all through 2007. Now is the time to load up some CSCO. Any dip and we get in. Has a very good potential to get to $36.

First target before any mentionable drop is 32.5.

My latest reco on google forum.

Good Luck.Your Adarsh.


July 12, 2007 - Posted by | Blogroll

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