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EVCC has been flat since we recommended. Though we have to note we dropped down a few more cents. We gladly mention that we have backed up the truck for the coming news and hope you did the same.

GOOG our biggest dollar pick has dipped to 500 as we predicted and we bought a bunch at that price….though we are waiting for another small drop down to the 475 level before it takes off through the earnings report on Jul19th. Even if it doesn’t drop we’ll make it a point to the community to buy a bunch at a consolidated price. Seeing a huge run..Will probably trade if it bounces back at that 526 mark.

MS has given our short position a good run. We will get discover for our Long position soon and are very happy for the return we are getting DFS* is trading much better than expected …BOOYAH

TEXG …the biggest short term gainer. We have already flipped it twice since the recommendation. It makes a great trade. The latest news is that the debt acquisition by Westar will be done as soon as 10 days with a dividend payment (equal to the difference between 6.75 and the price of TEXG !!!!). We talked to somebody from the company and it looks to give us more. We are now more than a few grands. Congratulations for all those who rode with us.

More posts on TEXG:

NMX our much newer buy is still lurking at the same levels. Though the speculation of the sale is still not completely priced in. Bought at $138.

We also bought a few ICE on 18th June at $153.4, taking its aggressive growth and prospects into consideration. (Also the NYX NMX ICE speculation!) BUYING ON A CRAZY DAY PAYS.

HEELYS…yep it paid us off. We initiated another short term position on HEELYS yeesterday…. Looks like we were a bit too fast in the market….The 10% run down in a single day didn’t produce a positive next day. We are down 5% today…but hey That’ll be another buying opppurtunity as we bought only a very small position at 27 and change. Looking to get few more on a bit more drop. Our research tells it’ll bounce back once the addition of the 9 million shares pending completes…(increase in the floatation hmmmm)

Special Mention : trades at 26 and 25 were cancelled.
Good Luck.


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