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*Just talked to EVCC investor relations….

We wanted to talk to them on Monday evening if the results were not out by then. But one of our comment’s made us call them today. Thanks and appreciations to srx.
We just talked again to the investor relations at the Environmental Control Corporation.
The answers have been confident and positive again.

Two questions we asked :
1) When are the results of the test supposed to be announced?
Ans) Sir, The result of the test being done was supposed to be out by this week. It can be out any day now. We are waiting on to deliver everybody a good positive news.

2) Why is Michael Mugford, the director of both EVCC and MGM enterprises selling the stock? (We asked this questio long back, and got ‘Personal reasons’ as answer ) 
Ans) Michael and most other directors have been working with EVCC without any pay. And moreover the number of shares he has sold doesn’t even account up to be a considerable number considering his huge holding in the company. He has been selling for some confidential and personal reasons. Moreover, MGM has just bought a good bunch of the stock. That should indirectly mean he (being a founder of MGM ) has no negative issues with the test, nor the company. Hope I clarified your question.

Srx I hope that clarifies your question tooo. I don’t know whether the test outcome will be positive or negative, but the company sounds confident, positive and the industry is a booming one – remember based in environmental friendly California.


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