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Letz mint some ‘ka-ching’

*If I were Thain (as of this moment)

I know I’ll call many of my friends here o critisize me with this
Many would say I’m wrong. But just read on.
             If I were Thain at this moment. I’ld go ahead and throw a
very competitive bid for NMX and acquire them. Let the market digest
the news, let the shorts ride NYX for the short term. The way NYX is
doing now gives shorts more time, to take the stock lower on the
speculation that we’ll be acquiring ICE/NMX. Why not just do it and
give the shorts less time? Let them take it to lower 70 may be higher
60’s I’m not concerned coz everybody will applaud Thain (me) as soon
as 1st quarter 2008 or a bit later, as soon as NYX realises the
potential of the two huge acquisitions we made. Hope Thain does it asap.

            Not freaking out, but I think we are giving shorts time to
gobble our share, just speculating the news, which they’ld relish
until we report a great quarter and tehn give us a big BIG BIGGER
squeeze. I don’t care even if we miss the quarter results owing to the
acquisition costs which should be less, considering that both NMX and
NYX are pretty near, cutting miscelleneous costs (yya I know but
that’s a chunk too)

            Moreover, it was good to hear that things with Euronext
are working out quite well as planned and we are not having any
problems there. It’s high time we gobble NYX and change our name to
GLOBAL STOCK EXCHANGE. (Dreaming about the GSE like the World Bank)  😮

Ideal Buy: Buy NYX after the acquisition. Mind you it’ll trade side ways till the next quarter earnings for sure.

Buy NMX and ICE for that upside on the bid. As of now take NMX and buy ICE considering the ICE- CME-BOT deal.

Adarsh owns NMX, ICE and NYX as of today.


June 19, 2007 - Posted by | Blogroll, Future Buys, Holding, Long Term, Short Term

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