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*Ahead of the Market.

What did Buffett do in his early stages of investing? He went in the direction which very few explored. He did not buy into the current trend. He went after the ‘next play’. Let’s do that now.

Everybody is after Crox. Pushing it higher and higher and will probably dump as soon as it goes and hitz that $100 mark. I love crox too after seeing this run UP to 100 from around 45 in 3 months. hmmm that’s great jump. Now it is at 92 and yya I think it’s a quick buy now…. to be flipped soon. But to do so, you have to be an agile investor. So, lets not touch crox when it’s as hot as new comer almost get burned in that fire now.

SO, let’s search some other in the same sector. yya DICKS Sporting Goods, but that is trading higher too, just around 9% down from it’s 52 week high. 

My search takes us to a newer stock, which created a sensation on its debut as the IPO. It is Heelys. yya same old story, it’s trading at paltry dollar amount of around 28. Man, read my previous post on Heelys here. The company posts great quarter after quarter, but announces something or the other at the earnings that drives the stock down. Initially, in it’s very first quarter presentation it did not announce good guidance for the futuredriving the stock down from around 38 to 27.5. Lately, in it’s second conference, it said the insiders would sell a gazillion, again sending the stock from around 38 to 28 now.

This year Heelys Tops BusinessWeek’s Annual List of 100 ‘Hot Growth Companies’.

My take:

 Wait for the market sentiment to change and jump in, before this takes off again. Get in anywhere below 28.5 and sell most once it hits that 34 and ride the rest.

Good Luck.


June 13, 2007 - Posted by | Blogroll, Holding


  1. ADARSH,

    Nice to see your Blog up and going!

    good luck in the market…and remember

    “Your success is determined by your outlook on life” …good thing we’re so optimistic and bullish! haha…..

    Comment by DIP MASTER | June 16, 2007 | Reply

  2. oh !! love it… thanx for finding me out. Good luck to ya guyz toooo….. Just trying to give out some advices to friends, relatives and well wishers. But love ya guyz….Keep the good work going.

    Comment by Adarsh | June 16, 2007 | Reply

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