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Letz mint some ‘ka-ching’

*We eat profit for Dinner :o)

This is an update of our recent picks and how they are doing!!!

Google, our costliest in terms on dollar amount pick

Picked on June 5th at 520. Price Target was 500. It still is showing some resilient support around that 513 level. I still reiterate my buying aound 500 or below, but NOT higher.

If you shorted you’ld be making money by now!!! Did you have the guts to short it as I said?!!!

MS : Picked on June 5th at 85.65 Wanted to buy it around 84 – 85 We got that entry on 6th.

Did you buy it around $84.5???
Todays high around $89 (5.3% profit in 4 sessions!!!)

Curent price $88.5 (around 5% profit)

If I were you I won’t dare take profits and play it back again. You may miss the boat that way. Just hold on for the Discover on 20th.

This one is a great winner.

EVCC: This one has dipped. But do we care about the dip? We only care about the news to be released right? We forget this untill we get the news. We have a strategy of taking profits as soon as the news hits the wire at the top price!!!!! Hold on guys.

GS: We called this one on 8th June. We hold on this one until the earnings report due this 14th. And play this out after the earnings ride. GL

TEXG: Our winner. Hope you get some of these before 21st June. The day when Westar is going to consider your holding to mint you MAD MONEY!!! Aaaahhhh What a day ..A great dip for us to get into. Get in before this resumes the ride before 15th. Does it really sensibly matter whether you get it at 2.4 or 2.2 when you are going to get almost 1/3 the price Westar gets?(min of about $3.5 to max of $6.75)

Good Luck to ya all !!


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