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*What a sexy day at Wall Street !

Blood Blood Blood, ubiquitous!

What a day? Everybody hates the last three days. I love that. Thanks to uncle Ben , Morgan Stanley’s 14% sell off the next few months and the bonds issue, we got almost 3% fat off Dow Jones!

So what do we have here? Our three picks in the last three days are doing ok. That makes me more bullish on them. I’m still waiting on Google to shed some more off it. Morgan stanley was a good buy both yesterday and today. But if you are greedy and if you want it a bit lower why not wait tomorrow…weekend usually invites more sellers than people who initiate positions. As planned get MS early next week before it takes off like it tried today in the wee hours of the market. The market was selling off one end and MS was such a bull ride for an hour and then people felt the pressure and gave way to the bears. Love the target price rise from Bank of America on our friend Morgan Stanley.

So, why did I say today was a sexy day? I love crammer and his methodologies. That is why I love this week. it’s been a bears run, shorts laughing on bulls. My dad always used to say, ” When an elephant walks on the road, dogs keep barking from the side of the roads” Guys just let them bark and take the weak minded off the train.

My pick of the day is Goldman Sachs GS($220).

Don’t worry about the Fed speach, and the interest rate rises. This one is the best of the breed(Financials). A better play than MS in the long term. If you did not buy MS still. Buy this one. It’s on a dip. They report earnings next week (6/14). Why not play it on earnings? Lets get into GS now and get off board before the Discovery spin off from MS. Howzz that? Great quick flip!!!!

GS – What a stock? I liked it at $230. I love it today on this drop. Uncle Ben’s words have the market take a pit stop after that sprinty lap. I would love to get into GS anywhere below 220. WOW $21.3 earnings per year…giving us a P/E of just around 10 kewl.

If you have the gem already in the portfolio, why not add some tomorrow by mid day. I see another 2$ off and us getting in on with GS.

Good Luck to ya all.


Note: I ‘m not an authorized/certified money manager or an advisor. This is not an advice or a compulsion asking you or making you to buy the stocks mentioned above. I just give advices. It’s completely under your discretion to buy these stocks. These are just a few picks I’m advising you, decreasing your time to find this from the huge WALL STREET’s ocean. There are many other better plays out there…these are just a few who I like to play as of this moment. I don’t claim to be that kind of guy who beats S & P regularly by some x %. No legal proceedings regarding this can be made, as I never persuade anyone to invest/trade certain stocks.


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