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My latest stock play -1

Tell me if my advice helps you in making some money. How about a lunch then? ;) Read on… 

GOOGLE: (yya it’s red hot now let it cool just a little)

Google broke that long resisted 513, to mark another green day adding another 2% on huge, real huge volume. All technical indicators as of this moment are pointing higher. Analysts at various investment houses are expecting the quick run to stabilize before the Jul 20 quarter results to be announced. I just took profit at $518.78. I will be looking for another good entry point in the coming sessions. I’m expecting a drop, even if it goes up tomorrow, owing to the options expiry on 15th. The put volume of more than 70,000 options, i.e. 70,000*100 shares = 7,000,000 between $440 and $550 would be the major catalyst to put the price below or at least around $520(in case of a great bull market). * Most puts shared between $450 and $510. 

The call volume of roughly around 100,000 options, i.e. 100,000*100 shares = 10,000,000 between $440 and $550 would be the major catalyst to pop the price up around $520. *Major call positions are shared between 470 and 520.

My Take:  

Keep in mind that these two catalysts would be responsible for the price actions until the options expire on 15th of this month. But get long as soon as the price drops down from the 520 levels. I would look forward to initiate a position in GOOGLE at around $480-$500 myself. Initiate 50% of your position at the drop to $500 and then keep adding on smaller drops (4%-5%)

Ideal buy:

50% at 500

25% at 480

25% at lower if it goes much lower or at 490.

Good luck to you all !!!! 

Note:  I ‘m not an authorized/certified money manager or an advisor. This is not an advice or a compulsion asking you or making you to buy the stocks mentioned above. I just give advices. It’s completely under your discretion to buy these stocks. These are just a few picks I’m advising you, decreasing your time to find this from the huge WALL STREET’s ocean. There are many other better plays out there…these are just a few who I like to play as of this moment. I don’t claim to be that kind of guy who beats S & P regularly by some x %. No legal proceedings regarding this can be made, as I never persuade anyone to invest/trade certain stocks.


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